Mark created a new topic ' Ekos - EQMOD - Sesto Senso2 issue' in the forum. 7 months ago

I am in early days setting up EKOS on a Pi 4, EQM35 pro mount, ZWO camera, Sesto Senso 2 focuser.

So I can connect both Imaging and guide camera no problem and these seem to work fine imaging and tracking. I am connecting the EQM35 using Skywatcher - EQMOD settings in the configuration, and with the cameras all is ok. However if I try to add the Sesto Senso as the Focuser then neither the Mount of the Sesto will connect. I am wondering if I am using the incorrect setting for the mount and shouldn't be using "Eqmod" but rather one of the other options. The mount is connected via the SynScan handset and USB cable to the Pi-

Any ideas would be very much appreciated or pointers to do some more error chasing