Hi there,

for the last couple of nights I've been trying to make my astroberry box and my SW Go To Dob telescope mount to connect with no avail.

The wired connection is made by connecting the Astroberry Box via USB AB cable to the Synscan v5 Hand Controller.
The driver in Kstars/Ekos is the Skywatcher Alt - Az Mount.
Once I try to run the service it just doesn't connect.
The Port is set to /dev/ttyUSB0 but nothing happens.
I was wondering if I'm better off connecting the Astroberry directly to HC port of the Mount via a USB - RJ12 cable.



Hi There,
I've been trying the last couple of nights to make my Astroberry box and my Alt Az Dob Go To mount to communicate with no luck.
The connection between the two is made with a USB AB Cable from the Pi box to the Synscan Hand Controller USB Port (Synscan Hand Controller v5).

The connection settings in the Indi Device Manager the port is set to /dev/ttyUSB0 as it should be.
The Driver selected is The Skywatcher Alt-Az Mount but still I can't get it to work!
Where could be the issue?
Cable quality?
Or is it better if I connect directly to the mount via the HC Port with a USB - RJ12 cable?

Thanks for your replies