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Thank you guys, Great ansers. I learned much more than I asked.

I had no idea there was all that documentation availbale and I had no idea there was a restful api for the web manager, although I could have guessed. The /status api looks really useful.

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Hi People,

I had to create a new logon, so I don't know what happened to my old one. (That's not why I'm writing, just curious)

I have my own client front-end written in Python using microservices. So of course I rely on the PyIndi class of routines. I'm trying to get a dropdown list of devices by device type (eg CCDs). And there isn't obvisly a device-type field. The nearst I can find is the list segment of the driver name. The driver name seems to be indi_<brand>_<device type>. Is that the only place I can reliably find ccd or ao or telescope or whatever?

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