Guys, I have an old MacBook Pro (2012) that I can hook up to the cem40g or an old pc I can partition with Linux if that helps at all. No problem with teamviewer sessions on either of those. It would just take me a day to set them up (work has gone crazy again!).

Let me know if that would help. I’m in Australia so time zones might be an issue if you need anything hands on.


I'm caught in this loop too. Not happy!

Worse, running Ekos on my Macbook pro for testing and it's telling me Indi_4l2_ccd driver was not in the package and at the same time some MacOs "allow/deny" window pops up and then vanishes before I can read or respond.

Really didn't want to have to go back to Windows for this (CEM40G)... I guess it's that or a second guide cam!