Hello. Me again.
I have a CEM120EC. Attached to that I have a Starlight Xpress Standard filter wheel. Attached to that is a Lodestar Pro through an OAG. Behind that is a Starlight Xpress SX-46. INDI used to connect to all devices and I was able to use the filter wheel, take short test dark exposures, and connect to the autoguider.
For some reason, now, it fails to connect to any of the above.
In the profile set-up (which I am unable to save a new profile for some reason but can edit the existing one) I have listed just the mount and camera.Then I tried listing he mount, camera and filter wheel seperately. Finally I tried listing all devices seperately. None of these ways were sucessful.
Am I doing something wrong? Thought I followed the instructions in the video. Any help is, as always, appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I've attached logs in case they help.