Was very satisfied with version 3.6.0. Then I found out about 3.6.1 and downloaded it. Oh boy! Several problems cropped up with the new version. Most I was able to solve but the following two remain. I'm sure someone one the forum has a fix:
Problem 1. I'm using a Meade 304mm, f/8 SCT on an iOptron CEM120-EC. The camera is a Starlight Xpress SX-46 and the guide camera is a Starlight Xpress Lodestar Pro through an Off Axis Guider.
I input 2 trains - 1 for the main camera and a second for the autoguider.

Problem - EKOS will not let me select the Lodestar to focus it. When I select the secondary train to take an image through the autoguider, whether in Focus or Camera Tabs, the selections are "greyed out". In addition - if I put both cameras on one train, EKOS tries to guide through the primary camera. I've tried multiple train configurations to no avail. Any thoughts?

Second problem. When I try to guide - EKOS selects as single guide star and . . . nothing. The log indicates that it's trying to do calibration but the scope never moves. Nor do any secondary guide stars get selected. Thoughts?
Thanks all for any help.