I am using KStars/Ekos on a Mac mini and a Stellarmate as a remote at my telescope. All of that works great. I want to move all of the KStars/Ekos settings from my Mac mini to my MacBook Pro. Everything I have found so far talks about copying folders that don't seem to exist on the Mac OS installation. Can someone point me in the right direction?



Rick... the mosaic planner site is definitely an option I'll try. I thought about a tool like that yesterday but have not had a chance to really look for one.

It would still be nice if a future update to the software allowed you to plug in the target coordinates and rotation and then solve to that info without having to do it via the scheduler.

thanks to everyone for the replies.


I'm new to INDI KSTARS/EKOS but have used many other Windows products in the past including SGP. When I plan a session, I've already figured out the exact center coordinates and rotation based on my equipment to frame the target. All of that work is done during the day. I don't like spending precious dark time fiddling around with framing. That being said, it would be very nice to allow me to manually enter a "Target" rotation along with target coordinates into the Align dialog screen and then pop up the same manual rotation dialog after image capture based on that target number when I'm using "capture and solve". So far, I've only been aloe to get the manual rotation dialog if I solve to an existing FITS image using Load and Slew. Great if I already have an image but initially, I don't.

I may be overlooking something that allows me to do that... If so, please point me in the right direction.