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I'm somewhat new to INDI and ZWO CCDs and I have a question regarding advanced image settings. I read somewhere that I need to apply an offset of around 30 to my ASI294MC. I have done so but when the format is left in RAW 16 bit I get green "banding" on the streaming preview. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Will these be removed by dark/bias frames in post?

This is what I'm seeing and it just doesn't seem right to me.

Many thanks for any assistance.


Hi Thanks for replying.

I noticed that there had been an update pushed out yesterday which included code changes as described above for the plate solving method. I've updated just now and will retry when the weather clears up.



Hi, is this issue confirmed or solved? I'm also having the same problem. The plate solve simply fails and the move move start method isn't helping as the triangle is often too large for the image.