Thanks, it's what I suspected but it was confusing to me as there's a place holder for barlow/reducers when you add your various scope and guide scope info and not how it used to work.

Sorry to hear your mount is kicking up.. what's happening exactly?



Setup my rig to do some imaging this evening and had just recently updated astroberry with the new indi updates etc.

I'm having an issue with plate solving.. indi seems to be increasing my focal length and my focal ratio instead of applying the reducer/barlow info correctly, causing my plate solves to fail. eg showing 420 (424) instead of 336mm with a 0.8x reducer.

Before posting, I tried setting the reducer to 1, and had another go at it.. it now detects it correctly? I'm not entirely sure what's going on.. is ekos detecting the reduction in resolution automatically or am i missing something obvious?

If there are any updated manuals for the new features please point me in the right direction! thank you.


Thanks for the prompt reply Denis. Amazing piece of software, I can share what's mine with friends who'd love to participate but don't have the means, isn't that what it's all about? :)

I really hope this gets integrated into ekos, it deserves to be.

Best of luck with it.



Hi Denis, this is a cool little project I've just stumbled across and exactly what I need to share my observatory with friends :)

I'm running into a little issue here, maybe you can help? For some reason when I run the agent it defaults to solo mode, I'm not sure if this because of my specific setup. I have astroberry running remotely on pi4 connected to my network via lan and ekos/web manager on my PC (localhost). Looks like I'm probably overlooking something obvious and simple, would appreciate a nudge in the right direction!


C:\indihub-agent-win64>indihub-agent -indi-profile=DARWIN -indi-server-manager= -phd2-server=
2022/10/17 20:02:48 Connection to local INDI-Server Manager on xxxxxx:8624...
2022/10/17 20:02:48 ...OK
2022/10/17 20:02:48 Setting active INDI-profile to 'DARWIN'
2022/10/17 20:02:48 INDIDrivers:
2022/10/17 20:02:48 {Binary:indi_asi_ccd Skeleton:<nil> Family:CCDs Label:ZWO CCD Version:2.2 Role: Custom:false Name:ZWO CCD}
2022/10/17 20:02:48 {Binary:indi_asi_wheel Skeleton:<nil> Family:Filter Wheels Label:ASI EFW Version:2.2 Role: Custom:false Name:ASI EFW}
2022/10/17 20:02:48 {Binary:indi_asi_focuser Skeleton:<nil> Family:Focusers Label:ASI EAF Version:2.2 Role: Custom:false Name:ASI EAF}
2022/10/17 20:02:48 {Binary:indi_eqmod_telescope Skeleton:<nil> Family:Telescopes Label:EQMod Mount Version:1.2 Role: Custom:false Name:EQMod Mount}
2022/10/17 20:02:48 Test connection to local INDI-Server on
2022/10/17 20:02:48 ...OK
2022/10/17 20:02:48 Connecting to the cloud...
2022/10/17 20:02:48 ...OK
2022/10/17 20:02:52 Current agent version: 1.0.6
2022/10/17 20:02:55 Access token: ff4029529bd741e6953f9e5cfff1a938
2022/10/17 20:02:55 Host session token: d552cd4ae8f14113b54afcf8c295003e
2022/10/17 20:02:55 'solo' parameter was provided. Your session is in solo-mode: equipment sharing is not available
2022/10/17 20:02:55 Starting INDIHUB agent in solo mode!
2022/10/17 20:02:55 Connecting to INDI-server in solo mode...
2022/10/17 20:02:55 ...OK
2022/10/17 20:30:23 Stopping API-server gracefully. OS signal received: interrupt
2022/10/17 20:30:23 Closing INDIHUB solo-session
2022/10/17 20:30:23 could not read from INDI-server in solo-mode: read tcp> use of closed network connection

                                *              INDIHUB solo session finished!!             *

                                   Processed 0 images. Thank you for your contribution!
2022/10/17 20:30:26 API-server was shutdown gracefully