AirBourn created a new topic ' Plate Solving Issue?' in the forum. 4 months ago

Perfect WX last night - thought I'd try to image the Western Veil.  Running KStars 3.5.4 Beta (Build 2021-05-28T02:09:57Z) on Ubuntu 20.04.2.  All devices seemed to be working fine.  I couldn't get any shot to solve to save my life.  Tried StellarSolver, ASTAP local (all index files), Astrometry local and online.  Always the same behavior - image looks great with plenty of stars in focus, solver spins and never comes back or occasionally I'll get the "Solver failed - check to see if you have enough stars" message.  It got too late and I gave up before I turned on any logging.

Known issue?  Anyone have a known good solver config for latest KStars and Ubuntu?  Hints or suggestions?