Ran into a situation last night. Set up two capture jobs - one for light frames and one for flat frames. I have the Calibration Options set up for the flat frames to utilize the Flip Flat and auto ADU (which normally works well). Since this job is the last of the night, I choose to select the "Park Mount" option in the calibration.

The problem arises when the calibration sends the park command which causes the guiding to stop. When guiding aborts, then the capture job aborts - even though the cover is closed and it's just taking a flat.
2022-08-02T04:06:22 CCD capture aborted
2022-08-02T04:06:22 Autoguiding stopped. Aborting...
2022-08-02T04:06:20 Captured /home/airbourn/Pictures/IC5070/Flat/Oiii/IC_5070_Flat_Oiii_1.484_secs_2022-08-02T04-06-20_004.fits
2022-08-02T04:06:20 Received image 4 out of 25.
2022-08-02T04:06:20 Download Time: 0.08 s, New Download Time Estimate: 0.08 s.
2022-08-02T04:06:18 Capturing 1.484-second Oiii image...
2022-08-02T04:06:16 Captured /home/airbourn/Pictures/IC5070/Flat/Oiii/IC_5070_Flat_Oiii_1.484_secs_2022-08-02T04-06-16_003.fits
2022-08-02T04:06:16 Received image 3 out of 25.
2022-08-02T04:06:16 Download Time: 0.07 s, New Download Time Estimate: 0.08 s.
2022-08-02T04:06:14 Capturing 1.484-second Oiii image...
2022-08-02T04:06:11 Captured /home/airbourn/Pictures/IC5070/Flat/Oiii/IC_5070_Flat_Oiii_1.484_secs_2022-08-02T04-06-12_002.fits
2022-08-02T04:06:11 Received image 2 out of 25.
2022-08-02T04:06:11 Download Time: 0.09 s, New Download Time Estimate: 0.08 s.
2022-08-02T04:06:09 Capturing 1.484-second Oiii image...
2022-08-02T04:06:07 Captured /home/airbourn/Pictures/IC5070/Flat/Oiii/IC_5070_Flat_Oiii_1.484_secs_2022-08-02T04-06-07_001.fits
2022-08-02T04:06:07 Received image 1 out of 25.
2022-08-02T04:06:07 Download Time: 0.08 s, New Download Time Estimate: 0.08 s.
2022-08-02T04:06:05 Capturing 1.484-second Oiii image...
2022-08-02T04:06:03 Current ADU 24997 within target ADU tolerance range.
2022-08-02T04:06:01 Capturing 1.484-second Oiii image...
Is there a setting to stop guiding before flats or to have the capture job ignore the guiding state? Or is this going to require a bug fix to ignore guiding state while taking flats? Suggestions to resolve?