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No, that would mean to write an INDI driver. I have currently no plans to do this, as I am building an Ardufocuser, which will also include a temperature sensor...

Maybe this here helps: Radek supports another sensor in the astroberry-diy driver, see here:


Grimaldi replied to the topic 'Pi temperature probe driver?' in the forum. 2 days ago

You can attach, e.g. a BME280 sensor.

I have some scripts here, to do environmental monitoring of my imaging sessions, as part of Astroberry's panels:

I have not created an INDI driver and do not intend to create one at the moment.

Best regards, Jens


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The situation has not changed much:

Raspian buster has become oldstable, but still is on 2.7.
bullseye has become stable and is on 2.9.
Astroberry is still based on buster.

So still the advice is to install wpasupplicant 2.9 by hand following these steps:


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Hi John, did you see my direct message to you? Thanks, Grimaldi


A line starting with „un“ means „unknown“ and „not installed“. Happens when a package is mentioned or requested by another package, but is then finally not installed or was not in the repository. See header printed before the table. These can be safely ignored and to be honest I removed these entries for clarity. Sorry for the confusion this has caused.


What are the Versions? Please run the following command and post output:

$ dpkg -l indi-bin indi-gphoto libgphoto2\*

A working config on Astroberry is (last tried a few weeks back, due to clouds) is:

||/ Name                    Version      Architektur  Beschreibung
ii  indi-bin                1.9.2-1      armhf        INDI server, drivers and t
ii  indi-gphoto             3.0-8        armhf        INDI GPhoto (DSLR) Camera 
ii  libgphoto2-6:armhf      2.5.27       armhf        gphoto2 digital camera lib
ii  libgphoto2-port12:armhf 2.5.27       armhf        gphoto2 digital camera por



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Hi John,
I would be interested in all of the above.

Problem is that it‘ll be prio 3 in my hobby todo list (First finish my Ardufocus build also created by JBrazio, then I committed to help Radek in getting Astroberry more tightly integrated in Debian). So it‘ll take some time.

If you‘re already into coding, the protocol implementation is here:

A similar device driver is this one here:


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As are running Astroberry, all of the python processes you report at the top are panels that are available from left hand pop-out menu in the web interface (when you open Astroberry.local in the browser). You can take all of them out of the equation by

sudo systemctl stop <…>.service
sudo systemctl disable <…>.service

See /etc/systemd/system/*.service


This should still work: but I don‘t know, if this has impact on the file prefixes. Please let us know.


AFAIK, the Nikon driver is gphoto2 based. So you need to check, if the feature is supported by gphoto2. Here you can see that the D5100 is only supported in PTP mode. As far as I recall, this means limited functionality only. Check other posts in this Forum to verify this (I am not an expert with gphoto2 and PTP-Mode).


The script builds all indi prerequisites and then Kstars. As Jay pointed out, it‘ll be „nightly builds“, I.e. latest development version. You can issue „git pull <something>“ commands in the respective subdirectories to check-out the stable versions. You need to check on GitHub, which tag/branch to use…

I believe you‘re new to compiling stuff yourself, aren‘t you? This is not for the faint of heart. You may be better off with less hassle, by installing a 32bit OS. Then each process is only able to use 4GB, but the system will use the full 8GB.

It‘ll take a while, till Astroberry will be supporting 64bit, next step is migrating from oldstable (buster) to stable (bullseye). As 64Bit Pis become more common there‘ll be pressure to support it natively. Radek (creator of Astroberry Images) is in favour of a „never change a running system“ policy…