Hi Peter, I have a similar problem posted a few hours later.

When you take a picture, can you solve it using solve-field? I.e., when you open the LXTerminal and enter "solve-field <fits-file>" on a saved image, what is the output?

In options -> Scale & position make sure that "use scale" and "use position" are unticked (deselected).
Try solving again.

If this doesn't help. Please switch on Astrometry and Alignment module logging (this is on the first tab, last button in the row where you start Ekos with the play button). You can then see in the log, which parameters are given to solve-field. In my case it seems the scale parameter -L and -H are off, and I am trying now to input them manually.

See my entry here: indilib.org/forum/development/10310-plat...os-3-5-4-stable.html