Ilia created a new topic ' INDI data repository' in the forum. 2 years ago

My proposal is for a repository of data and assets for the INDI drivers.
This stuff may be useful for automated stuff or as machine learning models.
this repository should contain various stuff:

  • star shape models:
    • airy patterns
    • deconvolution patterns
    • aberration patterns
    • double star models
    • starlight timeseries
      • scintillation timeseries
      • obscuration timeseries
      • novae timeseries
      • double variable timeseries
    • etc.
  • spectra models:
    • star class spectra
    • nebulae spectra
    • laboratory on-earth references (for redshifts)
  • crosscorrelation models:
    • double star models
    • AGN models
    • Zernike models
  • radioastronomy models:
    • radio spectra
    • pulsar timeseries
    • radar timeseries
Some volunteer should put some of this material into the new repository or take them from archive documentation.