Jim created a new topic ' Ekos dialog for auto darks locks INDI control panel' in the forum. 11 hours 52 minutes ago

It would be great if selecting Auto Dark would close the flip-flat automatically to take the auto dark and then open again. If this is difficult though, Ekos should at least not lock the INDI control panel from being able to do things like control the flip-flat. When Auto Dark is selected, a dialog box is popped up to continue. This box prevents buttons from being pressed in the INDI control panel. See image.



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I have two cameras. One is cooled and one is not (guide). If I take a preview with the check box selected to force Ekos to wait until the temperature is hit, and then switch to the other camera without a cooler, it wants me to wait until winter to proceed :)

A simple change request then: If the camera selected does not have a cooler (these are both ASI if it matters) then uncheck the cooler wait check box automatically.



Jim replied to the topic 'Flip-Flat general questions' in the forum. yesterday

That rocks. Thanks!


Jim replied to the topic 'KStars Video Documentation?' in the forum. yesterday

along with 3, updating objects and adding objects that are newly found or do not exist in kstars. New found asteroids or comets for example.
Adding additional datasets, and how to use "or search the internet" feature


Jim replied to the topic 'Flip-Flat general questions' in the forum. yesterday

So it saves it across an imaging session, but when you restart, it is gone and has to be set up again In my case, I am on a tripod without a dome, so I take my setup offline a lot. My request was based on my camera not changing (it would use the same ADU to get a flat no matter what filter might be used), and since it uses the flip-flat, I will always check the radio button for "dust cover with built in flat light" across all setups and sessions that use this scope. I realize my usage is different than an observatory where things would remain running all the time though.


Jim replied to the topic 'Flip-Flat general questions' in the forum. yesterday

knro wrote: The capture module now indeed does not open the flip flat, so just make sure that your calibration frames are run last for now.

Fair enough. If it is easy to persist the settings for type of flat device and ADU setting, that would be a welcome change.


Jim replied to the topic 'Issues with Bluetooth Joystick' in the forum. 2 days ago

Just a quick question, does the BT joystick work remotely as well? That is, if I BT bind it to my inside desktop machine will movement commands get sent to the remote machine through INDI? I am guessing yes because it is just interpreting as a keypress and does not care where they originate from, but wanted to check.



Jim replied to the topic 'Flip-Flat general questions' in the forum. 2 days ago

link to the last flat before things went sideways: drive.google.com/open?id=0B4I8UcuosfBHVlNfLU4zTGl6dGM


Jim replied to the topic 'Flip-Flat general questions' in the forum. 3 days ago

Flip-Flat received. Installed, Plugged in. USB port dance complete. Online. It works!

Just a couple observations and questions.

It appears to do what it needs to do to take flats, which is very cool. If the light is not on, it is turned on automatically, for example. I am playing around now the auto-dark, full darks, and more flats without manually going to INDI to make any changes. It does seem to control the ADU by exposure length only. I have the panel set to 60 right now, and to meet my ADU, the exposure time is changed around, but the brightness seems to stay put at 60. Is there any provision for changing the brightness automatically? It probably isn't necessary, this is just a question for curiousity.

One thing that might be nice to change or fix is - it does not open the cover when you switch to Lights. I tried a sequence in of 5 flats at 15k ADU, 5 darks at 45s (it turned the light off), and 5 Lights. The Flats and Darks were fine, but the Lights did not open the cover. Is there ever a reason to take a Light frame and not open the cover?

Going the other way, cover open, put Lights in sequence and then flats, and the cover closes automatically when it gets to flats.

I ran into a problem periodically where it would get a NAN error and basically hang the captures in an endless loop. I turned on logging in the camera module, but that doesn't seem to have much in it. What other logs would I need to turn on for this? I attached the ASI log.

2017-09-15T23:45:37 Capturing image...
2017-09-15T23:45:37 Current ADU is nan Next exposure is nan seconds.
2017-09-15T23:45:09 Capturing image...

One other nice thing to add is in the Calibration screen, the settings for the type of flat device and the ADU are not saved.

Overall, it is working great for me right out of the box though. I have a new set of flats without having to touch anything, and they are the best flats I have had to date.

Nice work!


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Jim replied to the topic 'Help resolving Load & Slew for subs...' in the forum. 5 days ago

I noticed this as well. Even though you can update it in Ekos and it has a pretty save button, it does not seem to do anything. I have to change it in INDI and then it shows up correct in the solver tab. @knro is the Ekos telescope info and Save button used for something else?


Jim replied to the topic 'Flip-Flat general questions' in the forum. 5 days ago

knro wrote: Great! Go for it! .

Okay. Done :whistle: Should ship soon. Very much looking forward to it. Dust sucks.


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It seems to still be available, though not inexpensive:



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Jim created a new topic ' Flip-Flat general questions' in the forum. 6 days ago

Hi all, I am getting tired of messing around with flats and darks manually on an otherwise automated system. I see that the Flip-Flat system is supported, so was hoping that those that use one with INDi/Ekos could chime in on your thoughts on it.

First and most importantly, how well does it work?

Would you do it again/recommend it?

How difficult is it to get set up?

Any problems with light bleed through it or on edges for doing darks with the backlight turned off?

Thanks for any feedback



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Using some live video today with an ASI290MC, watching the sun.

When changing the exposure time in the CCD and Filter Wheel tab, the changes are not picked up by the live video until you a preview. It would be nice if you could change the exposure live and have it adjust the live video, but stopping the live video and starting it again should at least pick up the exposure settings without having to do a preview.

Another thing I am noticing is the preview color balance looks fine, but when switching to the live view without changing any of the settings for the camera, the color balance is far to the blue side. I cannot lower the blue slider far enough to balance and get the sun back to yellow. I am using RGB24 as it is the only color setting that works with live video. 8 bit switches to Luma for live video, and 24 bit is not supported.

Finally, on short exposures such as .005 or .002 seconds, the focus tab video framing alters the picture greatly, making it near impossible to focus. I will try to get some screenshots and video. I am not sure if logs will be helpful here, but will see what I can get.


Jim replied to the topic 'Re:Improved acquisition time in Remote mode' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

My typical imaging night has 400-600 32MB files. It would take me days to get that to dropbox with my internet uplink speed :)



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