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That is what I do. I have a pier now as well, but I do check it now and then from the comfort of my house :)
I have seen on occasion what @anofeles is seeing where after running back the other direction, the mount is off about the same distance again. Is this just an iterative thing and I should do another round of aligning in the other direction? When it does this, it is off 2-3 arc minutes. I usually just chalk it up to my mount being a lesser expensive model and go on about guiding, but if I can get it closer, I would sure want to.
@knro how close to 0 does your EQ8 get you?


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That is both good and bad. Good because that is how we would expect it to work, but then what is going on with my setup I wonder. I will have to see when it is doing the capture. Is it capturing before it starts to slew because it has a successful timer expiration (from the first slew)? Or is it at the end of the slew in which case, I should try an even longer settle.
I cannot try tonight, but looks like tomorrow night might be good.


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It is not integrated, but have you checked out dso-browser.com ?


Jim replied to the topic 'Eqmod alignment' in the forum. yesterday

I guess if you want to call voltage shifting TTL an electronics box, you would be correct. It is more than just a simple pass-through. One such provider that I have used with great luck is Shoestring Astronomy: www.store.shoestringastronomy.com/index.htm - there are others, just a happy customer. It is still simpler than a full hand controller with its extra connections.


Jim replied to the topic 'Re:Align tab mount model 2nd star captures too quickly' in the forum. yesterday

It is indeed a great tool. It does exactly as it is designed to any my go-to ability after using it puts things on both sides of the meridian right where they need to be. It seems like this might just be a simple request to not attempt the capture until the the settle time has expired after a slew? This might just be a missing function of the module?

Thanks for putting it together. Very handy.


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Once I got the cable, I safely packed away the hand controller in a box and put it on a shelf as a backup if my cable were to ever go bad. I did use it before the cable arrived, so I know I can use the synscan interface as well, but there is nothing to be scared of with replacing it with a good quality cable. In complex setups, one less piece of electronics and cable connections is not a bad thing.


Jim replied to the topic 'Align tab mount model 2nd star captures too quickly' in the forum. yesterday

I had raised the settle time. It is working perfectly for every other aspect, polar alignment, slew, solve and slew, track, etc. It is not a case of needing to just settle where the stars are still wiggling either. It is a case of the frame being grabbed while the mount is still in full motion. The star trails are sometimes all the way across the frame. I have only seen this in while moving to the 2nd star of a two star alignment from the mount model window play button.


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When I set up for the night, after polar alignment, I do a 2-star mount model where the stars are selected for me. I hit the play button and the mount zooms off to the first star, waits for it to settle and takes the image. After it solves and moves to the second star, it seems to start capture right away, or at least before the mount stops and settles. This is using the eqmod mount and the latest bleeding 2.8.7. It has been doing this for some time. I just now remembered to make mention of it.

The work-around is to just stop the attempt at running astrometry, and click the capture and solve button manually. It then is able to finish the 2-star alignment without other problems.


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No worries. It is a minor thing so wanted to put it here as a place holder for when there is time, or perhaps for somebody else to pick up.

Ekos is working very well for me when I can comment on small things!


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Just couple things with the FITS viewer that have been bothering me, but never enough to post about.

1) switching to log view and hitting apply changes the image. Most of the time, the image just goes completely white. My understanding is this should change the view of the histogram, not the actual image itself?

2) It would be nice of the histogram to save the settings. I almost always use the log view, so it would be handy to be able to default it to that. If I don't close the histogram window, the next image will display in log format, which works, but the histogram itself will get corrupt after doing this 2 or 3 times and need to be restarted anyway.

This is Fedora Linux with Build: 2017-11-14T11:41:39Z but it has been doing these things for a long time.


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knro wrote: You can always clear the model in the Mount tab, and then try to solve again. Sometimes cumulative sync points leads to degradation of the model instead of improving it.

I have seen this happen quite a bit. I discovered it was the reason why, after a slew the cross hair would not be lined up with the solved frame from astrometry. Astrometry was always correct, of course, but after a model of say 3-5 stars is in place, should we stop using sync?


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I'll second your Doh! I had been looking for that button for a while. I kept looking at the bar at the top of the image window. You know, the one with the controls for the image :)


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How does the Stellarmate serial port mapper handle having two devices that have the same USB to serial controller such as the Prolific. In this situation, the IDs end up being the same. This is the case I still have some trouble with because gpsd wants to assign the device automatically itself with udev, and it ends up trying to map to my mount causing eqmod to go offline. It is actually gpsd that does not handle this well I think. It assumes that everything that matches a set of IDs is a gps and builds the device links for it and hangs on to the port.



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