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I finally had a chance to try this and unfortunately swiping up or down with two fingers on my MacBook while running Ekos on a Raspberry Pi3 and connecting via VNC doesn’t work. So my request remains: could you please add keyboard shortcuts to zoom in on the preview screen so I can try to reach better focus when using a Bahtinov mask? Many thanks in advance!!!


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RogueSquadron wrote: Additionally the indi_canon_ccd driver does not like multiple restarts, which is necessary after eqmod crashes. So I have to power off snd on the Canon over and over.

Try using GPhoto CCD instead. It is much more flexible.


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knro wrote: Can you share the logs please? Ekos _should_ work with all the above. For Canon, the format has to be FITS for this to work. But otherwise, it wouldn't be a problem even with large size. Same with ZWO ASI.

I use RAW with my Canon EOS 700D and polar alignment always works even if it is slow due to the large file size and the fact that I am using a raspberry pi. FYI I am using the offline solver.


Also very useful, thanks very much!


Thanks very much, that was very useful. I should have formulated my question a bit better because I don't have a motor focus at all so I need my hand to turn the focuser knob and I'd like to know if that works. I guess the answer is yes and I will for sure try it. And this also gives me a lot of knowledge, so thanks once again!


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I use an ASI120MC-S on a 50 mm F=280 mm finder scope which yields a FOV of about 1 degree and I very often use that successfully for PA. I also use a Canon DSLR on a WilliamOptics 71 mm ZenithStar with F=427 mm (including flattener) and that gives a FOV of 3 x 2 degrees and that works very well as well.


Hi all,

For focusing my WO 71 and my 8" RC I use a Bahtinov mask and focus manually until the spikes created by the mask are evenly distributed. This works reasonably well but is not perfect, mostly due to me being impatient and me choosing too bright or faint stars. So I looked into the Focus module documentation and I wondered if anyone uses this module while focusing manually? I am considering installing a motor focus on at least the 8" RC but I for now I am stuck to manual focusing.

Any experiences you'd care to share?

Thanks, Wouter


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it happens to me sometimes as well, particularly on my Raspberry Pis (yes, more than one), that a configuration setting is not applied when I have just saved it. I sometimes need to reboot a few times before the setting is automatically used. Not sure why this is happening though...


Yeap, that’s it!



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