I cannot connect to my telescope, what's wrong?

Please make sure of the following:

  1. Telescope is powered and connected via RS232 to your PC.
  2. Telescope is aligned.
  3. RS232 or RS232-to-USB cable is firmly connected at the mount and PC USB port.
  4. You have read and write permissions to the port. In some Linux distros, this is not the default setting. Under Ubuntu, you need to add your user to the dialout group:
    sudo adduser $USER dialout

    Then you must restart your PC for this to take effect and try again.

  5. Ensure the port specified is the correct port. Usually your port is /dev/ttyUSB0 but sometimes if you unplug and plug the USB cable again, you might get port /dev/ttyUSB1. Use dmesg to find out which port your mount is connected to if all of the above fails.

I cannot connect to my CCD, what's wrong?

Please make sure of the following:

  1. CCD is powered and connected via USB to your PC.
  2. USB3 ports can cause problems, try connecting your CCD to USB2 port

What are the minimum requirements to run INDI?

INDI Library can be compiled under a vanilla POSIX system. It requires the following components:

  • CMake
  • libnova
  • ZLib
  • Libusb

How do I configure my device with KStars/Xephem/DCD/etc...?

Unfortunately, we can't help you with that. Refer to your client documentation or contact the client's maintainer to find out. Please do not post client-specific questions on the INDI mailing list. Direct such question to your client's author.

I'd like to write my own client, can you help me?

Check out Developing INDI clients section in the INDI Developers Manual. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to examine the getINDI and setINDI tools source code since these two tools are very simple INDI clients.

I have a problem with an INDI driver, what do I do?

The most common reported problem is that of permission. Please ensure you have proper permissions to access your device. You should check out INDI Devices page for driver-specfic details and troubleshooting. If you found a bug in the software, file a bug report at INDI Bug Tracking system. You may also post your problem to the INDI Development mailing list.

I'd like to contribute to INDI, how?

We highly appreciate any help from our users! Do you have a device that is not yet supported by INDI? Tell us about it, or go ahead and write your own driver and submit it to us. If your device is supported, test it with INDI, does it work as expected? If not, please report to us any problems, suggestions, or comments you have. Contributions to this site and documentation are greatly appreciated as well. Let us know if you use INDI in your observatory, home, or club, It's always good to know about more INDI users!



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