Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  2.0.2
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nlohmann::detail::is_sax< SAX, BasicJsonType > Struct Template Reference

#include <json.h>

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool value

Detailed Description

template<typename SAX, typename BasicJsonType>
struct nlohmann::detail::is_sax< SAX, BasicJsonType >

Definition at line 8637 of file json.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ value

template<typename SAX , typename BasicJsonType >
constexpr bool nlohmann::detail::is_sax< SAX, BasicJsonType >::value
Initial value:
is_detected_exact<bool, null_function_t, SAX>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, boolean_function_t, SAX>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, number_integer_function_t, SAX, number_integer_t>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, number_unsigned_function_t, SAX, number_unsigned_t>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, number_float_function_t, SAX, number_float_t, string_t>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, string_function_t, SAX, string_t>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, binary_function_t, SAX, binary_t>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, start_object_function_t, SAX>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, key_function_t, SAX, string_t>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, end_object_function_t, SAX>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, start_array_function_t, SAX>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, end_array_function_t, SAX>::value &&
is_detected_exact<bool, parse_error_function_t, SAX, exception_t>::value

Definition at line 8651 of file json.h.

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