What does INDI offer?

Open source

INDI is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v2+), you can use and modify the source code to fit your needs in any environment.Cross Platform Support

Cross Platform

INDI Library is a particular implementaion of the INDI protocol for POSIX operating systems. Currently, Linux, BSD, and OSX are supported. Windows support is under progress. Nevertheless, wINDI (3rd party software) is a complete .NET implementation of the INDI protocol and is available natively on Windows.

XML Based

INDI is small and easy is parse. The INDI protocol can be nested within other XML elements such as RTML to add constraints for automatic scheduling and execution.

Client agnostic

Clients learn the properties of a particular Device at runtime using introspection. This decouples the device driver implementation from clients. The device driver may be updated completely independent of the client.Drivers for numerous devices

Distributed control

With INDI server/client architecture, you can communicate with devices either locally or remotely transparently. INDI accommodates intermediate servers, broadcasting, and connection topologies ranging from one-to-one on a single system to many-to-many between systems of different genre.

Wide range of support

INDI supports many astronomical devices including telescopes, CCDs, focuser, spectrometers, and a lot more. Furthermore, INDI clients include popular astronomy software suites such as KStars, Xephem, SkyCharts, and CDC.