The primary implementation of INDI protocol is the INDI Library. It is a cross-platform software package designed for automation & control of astronomical instruments. It supports a wide variety of mounts, cameras (CCD, CMOS, DSLRs..etc), focusers , domes, filter wheels..etc, and it has the capability to support virtually any device.

INDI is small, flexible, easy to parse, and scalable. It can run on headless systems, phones, tablets, computers, and high-end servers. It provides many services such as native remote control, flexible data acquisition, monitoring, and a lot more. With INDI, you have a total transparent control over your instruments so you can get more science with less time.

INDI Library is released under the LGPLv2 Open Source Licence, making it very attractive for observatories, educational institions and ameteur astronomers alike. Due to the open nature of INDI, it is wildly used in professional and amateur observatories around the world. An international team of volunteers maintains and develops INDI to the latest industry standards.