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That never struck me as an issue, but now that I think through it, there might indeed be a problem. I'll try it next time, too!


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As Rob has already mentioned, I also keep a tested "old" version of KStars ready to switch to, just in case there was an update that had unintended consequences. In my worst case scenario, I just switch out the microSD card on my Pi3 or attach an SSD with the old version to my Zotac mini-PC and boot from that.
There are a few more improvements I can think of and I will post these suggestions to the Forum in due time. But as far as I am concerned, the software works pretty well already, as long as you know where its limitations are.


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Weather and work requirements have not been kind to me for the last 3 months, so I have not had the chance to provide much input here lately. Just to say how awed I am by Indi and Ekos and how acutely aware I am how much work is being put into this by Jasem, Rob, Eric and a bunch of others I have not had the chance to communicate with in person so far. I know I couldn't do it!
Obviously, there are still ways to improve on things, but that's what we, the users, are there for. Our job is to test out the software, find the conditions that don't work, then analyse the parameters as tightly as possible and then report our findings. Although I have used this software for only about 7 or 8 months so far, I love the tinkering that comes with it and I have also seen the enormous progress that has been made. Working with others here in the forum is rewarding and I find it amazing how quickly problems or quirks that I have found and reported on have been fixed by those far more capable than me.
Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating when the telescope does not behave the way I want it to, but that is part of the trouble-shooting and improvement process. I do in my job every day.
Thanks Jasem, Rob, Eric and everyone else who is contributing and making this fantastic software package available to us all.

Now, if you could do something about the weather and the light pollution I have to deal with, I would greatly appreciate that, too!!


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Yes, in my case at least.



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