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Latest INDI Library, 3rdparty drivers and KStars are available for Fedora 31 and later.

The files are available in the Fedora Copr build system, located here:

To enable the "bleeding" repositories for the latest builds from git, perform the following:

sudo dnf copr enable xsnrg/kstars-bleeding
sudo dnf copr enable xsnrg/stellarsolver-bleeding
sudo dnf copr enable xsnrg/libindi-bleeding
sudo dnf copr enable xsnrg/indi-3rdparty-bleeding
sudo dnf copr enable xsnrg/ekosdebugger

You should now have all the Copr repositories set up. The below commands are no different than if you were installing any rpm packages from any other repo.

If you only want to install the INDI library with basic drivers, type

sudo dnf install indi indi-libs

To install the 3rd party drivers you want (eqmod for example), just type

sudo dnf install indi-eqmod

To install all INDI drivers, use wildcard and type

sudo dnf install indi-*

Bleeding edge KStars can be installed using

sudo dnf install kstars

If for any reason you are not getting the new versions, please uninstall any old versions, and then add `--refresh` to the dnf command. example:

sudo dnf install kstars --refresh