Astronomical research

Explore the universe and get results from your research with INDI.
Control your instrumentation or your observatory and get your interests reach better, relaxed results.
With INDI, Comet, Asteroids and NEOs are easily found and recognized.
Log Novae or variable stars light fluctuations and do your research about double stars easily.
INDI is thought for astronomy for astronomers
INDI can drive your radio telescope or antennas array

Radio Astronomy

With the RTL-SDR and LimeSDR drivers, INDI is capable to read radio signals from space.
INDI is one of the radio astronomy software that can read and directly visualize radio sources from the sky.
With INDI is also possible to build a radio interferometry array and observe the radio sky at a higer resolution.

Weather Stations

With INDI Weather Station class of devices, you can build your weather station, and keep updated and ready for weather changing in real-time.
You can monitorize the weather and climate with INDI.
Weather logging with INDI is possible
Particle physics and cosmic ray astronomy using INDI

Cosmic rays: the new frontier

Explore the astronomy from another point of view with INDI: Particle Physics.
With INDI you can use your particle detectors and monitorize the particle fluxes, and you can also explore the multi-messenger astronomy with other device classes.