Research powered by INDI
INDI is trusted by several professional, educational, and amateur observatories across the globe.
We believe in closing the gap between professional level research and that empowered by amateur astronomers.
You can help advance astronomical research using off-the-shelf equipment spanning all accessible windows in the radio & optical spectrums.

INDI World and Ekos Live

Add your observatory to INDI and connect to the hundreds of observatories around the world! Your research will find relators, colleagues, followers, passionates.
Adding your research laboratory here, even if it's an astronomy observatory, an array, a cosmic ray revealer laboratory, INDI can be the perfect companion for your instrumentation connectivity.

INDI and Ekos are the essential

INDI is a simple protocol which is versatile, complete and fast.
It can interconnect different kind of devices and it is network based.
These features, in a research or academic environment, are key factors that let INDI to be the best resource for devices interconnection.