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Well after an hour of not being able to connect to my mount ( Indi set up didn't check the correct port ( 0) ) finally all snapped in to life . 

Same work flow as above but this time faultless operation , focus , align , track ,image ,etc etc . 

Major result and I even did a small dance around the kitchen ( honestly ).

Great piece of soft ware , only issues that remain are not software related but :-

1     R Pi 4 WIFI , weak so picked up a 5dB improver , which is ok when the areil is on the laptop side of the mount , when slewing to somewhere that means the scope obstructs the areil , signal drops and communication slows to a               crawl .

2     Reflections form the C11 Corrector plate create a light disc in the centre of the image the size and density of which is proportional to the image duration and focal length.

Thanks to all for your suggestions , and to the creators for such a good product .



I get the same repeated crash. My log file shows a problem with ?

2021-04-23T12:42:58.301 ADT DEBG ][ org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server: "2021-04-23T15:42:58: Driver indi_asi_ccd: indi_asi_ccd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
[2021-04-23T12:42:58.301 ADT DEBG ][ org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server: "2021-04-23T15:42:58: Driver indi_asi_ccd: stdin EOF"
[2021-04-23T12:42:58.301 ADT DEBG ][ org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server: "2021-04-23T15:42:58: Driver indi_asi_ccd: Terminated after #0 restarts."


Tom Gibson replied to the topic 'Headless KStars' in the forum. 1 hour 48 minutes ago

I use nomachine to go from laptop to different machines and these days only occasionally have blank or white screens. ctrl+alt+0 detach / connect always clears it up.
There are reports and fixes from older versions on nomachine's support forum.

When connecting to odroid remotes I run x11vnc server since it seemed more lightweght and use TigerVNC over ssh tunnel as a client without problems.

When first bringing up an odroid I use a monitor plug to get the initial remote GUI working and to be able to set a high screen resolution, then remove the plug.


Thanks, new mission is to update driver to set the flip location as i sold my handcontroller.


Thank you @knight_parn!

At the moment I'm using VizieR Common Stars catalogue, which is pretty limited. I'll see in the next release if I can switch to a different one or add a specific double-stars catalogue.


AirBourn post=70347 wrote: Running latest nightly (2021-04-21T23:50:23Z) on Ubuntu 20.04.2.  Immediately on starting Ekos I get a dialog that says "INDI Driver indi_asi_ccd crashed.  Restart it?" and it will cycle a couple of time (probably once for each ASI CCD device), and then show the INDI Control Panel without my ASI devices.  I also see a message about the driver crash in the log.  Latest Stable (3.5.2 I think) works fine on the machine.  Related?


I just updated Indi and Kstars from nightly and I am seeing exactly the same thing.  Except that it doesn't just cycle the crash/restart window only a couple of times, it continued to do that until I canceled after about 3 min. 


The new Pro version looks very promising and is shaping up to be a nice mobile imaging app.

I can see that you've been using the VizieR catalogue service for the built-in object catalogue. Is it possible to update it with more stars? The current one is fine for DSOs, but is quite lacking for stars especially double stars which is a major area of interest in visual. For example the well known double/multiple stars Algebra (gamma leo), eta Cassiopeiae, etc. cannot be found in the current goto database.


@AIRBOURN you didn't provide any logs, so I don't know if your error is the same or not, but when you say latest nightly, you made sure to have the latest indilib as well as asi driver and library? I had thought this particular error was mitigated now.



knro post=70063 wrote: Alright, go ahead then and please prepare a PR if you can. Anyone reporting these crash issues to ZWO?

Oops, I missed this, but I see you were able to get it merged. Thank you.


astrogene1000_stuff post=70123 wrote: Hi Mohamed,

True backlash in opposite direction can vary but more than likely comes from drawtube tilting than gear train backlash, which is more repeatable -if- the gears are fixed to the shaft and do not ride on the shaft they are mounted to. Coming from drawtube tilt also implies amount may change depending on how far the drawtube is extended.

Here is a video I did of a stepper motor head used, gears only in the head. Repeatability is good considering any slip that may have occurred of the dial indicator on the moment arm and the 5 pound weight hanging from the 2 inch moment arm :-)

Stepper motor head video from 2012

Hi Gene,

Thank you for the video, but I couldn't grasp how it was related to the focuser backlash. From what I can tell your stepper motor worked well :)



DerPit post=70210 wrote: One thing you can try:
Most (all?) focusers have an option to reverse the direction.  So do an auto-focus run with the linear algorithm (that works around a possible backlash) in the normal direction, and write down the value (also look at the curve to verify it is a reliable one).  Then activate the 'reverse' option in the focuser driver, and repeat the AF run.  This time, because of the reversal, it will always end moving outward, and you get the focus 'coming from the other side'.  The difference between the two values you get that way would be your backlash.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your suggestion, but when I tried it, I got variable readings. Please find the below table...



Well, for whatever reason, it worked tonight. I got one shot before the clouds rolled in but the scope did nicely track.

I made all the parameters a duplicate of the defaults and what Jasem presented in his tutorial.


I can't wait to have this feature available :) it is going to be a game changer for my micro observatory.


RDBeck post=69544 wrote: I'm out under the stars and got my issue sorted out. My mount was pointing a fair bit off, apparently enough to foil stellarsolver.

I did a cold start on my Losmandy/Gemini and issues seem to be resolved now.

Hi Richard,

I faced the same issue and looks like my scope was off as well. I was able to fix it by increasing the search radius from 15 to 30. I wanted to share this so as anyone in the future may find this helpful tweak...



Oh yes, I understand where you are coming from completely Hy.  But we always have to keep in mind that KStars is first and foremost a planetarium program.  For educational purposes, for children, for those who are not astrophotographers, changing the terrain is as natural as changing geographic location.  It changes the whole look and feel.  

That being said, there is one problem with this and that is that KStars can't accurately simulate the stars on Mars right now. . .  however, I just checked and Stellarium has this wrong too.


Photos are being loaded.


Here the Indi Driver files for your SestoSenso compiled on AMD64.

Let me know if they work for you.



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Hy Murveit replied to the topic 'Headless KStars' in the forum. 16 hours 14 minutes ago

FWIW re black screens, I do get them from time to time (i.e. just now). However, I've found a workaround which is to quit the NoMachine client on my macbook, restart the mac's NoMachine program, and reconnect to my Raspberry Pi. (I don't do anything to my Raspberry Pi.)  It always has returned to normal after I reconnect.