INDI Library v1.8.2 Released

First release of INDI Core library after split from INDI 3rd party repository. It includes a few new drivers, and fixes to the client library build on Windows in addition to API fixes.
Here are some highlights:
+ First release of INDI separate from INDI 3rd party repository.
+ New Pular Domes driver.
+ New MyFocuserPro2 driver.
+ New SteelDriverII focuser driver.
+ New Deep Sky Dad AF3 driver.
+ Fixed INDI Client build on Windows.
+ Fixed weather override functionality in INDI::Weather.
+ Fixed INDI Dome tracking.
+ Updated PCM8 driver to automatically detect mount types.
+ Serial communication polling period is configurable 1-30 secs.
+ Added ISGetConfigSwitch to read switch information directly from config.
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