INDI Library v1.8.7 Released 21 Nov 2020

Nov. 2020 Release brings significant improvements to streaming and recording videos. Support for new drivers including Estatto focuser and Pegasus falcon rotator.
+ New Esatto focuser support.
+ New Pegasus Falcon Rotator.
+ Fix QHYCFW3 driver handshake (#1229)
+ Support for AZ-GTi in Alt-Az mode.
+ Improve on deadlocks and integrity (#1243)
+ Rework/streammanager - fix recording subframe issue, add processing qeue, configurable limits memory/fps (#1254)
+ Baader SteelDrive II - feature, Adjustable holding and move current for stepper drive (#1257)
+ Do not block the stream thread when sending FPS status, fix frames discarding. (#1258)
+ Many bug fixes and additions supporting advanced Pulsar2 features (#1261)
+ Add support to connecting to all remote drivers without specifying an explicit driver.
+ Added Humidity, Pressure and Clouds to the WeatherWatcher driver (#1247)
+ Fixed Losmandy Gemini failed to complete park issue (#1239).
+ Set Eq Coords property state to OK & IDLE as needed (#1240).
+ 1st fix for CEM25p Slewing to home position while parked (#1245)
+ DSP Improvements (#1251)
+ Compatibility fixed for SteelDriver II. New firmware has more arguments. (#1253)
+ Full support for Fedora builds.
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