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Timeout issues on different systems
I have a strange problem with my Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 on systems using indi.
Tried different setups including a Stellarmate running KStars 3.4.2 and an imac as well as an Macbook air on 3.4.3 and a ASUS Vivobook runing 3.4.3 as well.

On all of this devices the camera causes timeouts when looping exposures with Binning 1X1
I can solve this with using the cam with bin 2x2 only,

I am not able to use the cam under PHD2 on my linux system on the Vivobook because of timeouts when choosing INDI cam OR direct connect to PHD

The Cam works FLAWLESS under windows and N.I.N.A or SGP when using ASCOM Drivers.

Maybe you have an idea what the problem could be?

I am not able to use the cam with KStars atm, what is very sad for me...


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