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Thank you very much Gonzothegreat!
I changed the sub-menu items order, as you reported they were refering to the old ordering.
I also placed the new theme to all items which were refering to the old layout and the remaining pages also.
The Research menu involves registered users only, so the two submission pages are available to them, so only after login you'll see the items "Add your Observatory", "Submit Article" and the article submission guidelines into the Research main page.
About the menu.. brief history:
Initially it had to be "Manufacturers" "Developers", "End-users"
after this the idea was to point to educational and observatories with "Research", "Industries" and "Individuals" where research include observatories, universities, research institutions and centers, Industries includes free-lancer developers, employees of astronomy industries in wide-range point of view (from research to aerospace to amateur astronomy industries), and Individuals everyone who wants to use, try, improve and just supports INDI.
If the map is really too low and almost invisible, I can remove the top banner ( I used 1080p resolution but I see that in lower resolutions it's practically not accessible)... yes .. done
Since INDI contains code for instrumentation that is interesting for hardware manufacturers also, I thought that developers only was a little restricting, nothing else.
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