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Ekos extreme polar alignment errors

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Doing some more experiments on the PAA with Kstars 3.5.4 on astroberry. Last night I had some very weird results:
"Polar Alignment Error:  67° 01' 04\". Azimuth:  66° 55' 39\"  Altitude:  03° 28' 55\""

I am not claiming my PA was perfect but this seems like a very high reading. I experienced this more than once.
Adding some logs here. I was playing around with the Focal length but even then it seems weird to get such a high error.

The only reason I can imagine is that near the NCP the calculation becomes more sensitive to errors..
Note I am doing manual slew (so not exactly  30 degrees between the three images).

Any ideas ?


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You are rotating the RA and not Dec, Yes?
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