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Astrometry offline solver with snapd.

10 months 2 days ago
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Astrometry offline solver with snapd. #44133
Hi all, I've got the solver setup and index files installed in kstars 3.3.6 via the snap package, but when I try a load and solve it returns
2019-10-01T21:20:20 Solver failed. Try again.
2019-10-01T21:20:20 Starting solver...
2019-10-01T21:20:20 Solver iteration #1
2019-10-01T21:20:20 Using solver options: -O --no-plots --no-verify --resort --downsample 2  -3 202.591 -4 47.1381 -5 15
2019-10-01T21:20:20 FITS header: cannot find FOCALLEN (keyword not found in header).

If i try the solver outside of kstars with the settings copied out of the options box, it will complain about not been able to find the astrometry.cfg, adding the --config flag then gives:

/snap/kstars/45/usr/bin/solve-field -O --no-plots --no-verify --resort --downsample 2 -3 203.012 -4 47.0956 -5 30 --config /home/gary/snap/kstars/45/.local/share/kstars/astrometry/astrometry.cfg Light_30_secs_2018-05-09T01-48-31_006.fits

and the file solves correctly.

On the off chance there was an issue with config path when running inside kstars/snap, I added the --config line above to the custom astrometry options but the result was the same.

In addition --config /path/to/astrometry.cfg did not show up in the log file as a used option. This is also the case with the search radius. Options dialog shows -5 is set to 30 and the options edit box in the solver options also shows -5 30.
-O --no-plots --no-verify --resort --downsample 2 -L 14.402 -H 18.003 -u aw -3 202.642 -4 47.0878 -5 30

However when run the log shows:
2019-10-01T21:59:56 Using solver options: -O --no-plots --no-verify --resort --downsample 2 -3 202.524 -4 47.1485 -5 15

why is the radius showing in log as 15 when options specify 30? Are other params including custom not been passed through too like --config ? Is there any way to get more output from the solver to be logged to troubleshoot this further? -vv in custom options doesn't appear to do anything, unlike on cmd line.

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10 months 2 days ago
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Astrometry offline solver with snapd. #44142
Thank you for testing the snap package. I believe there is still some work to be done to make sure the snap package works out of the box. Will look into it.

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