INDI Library v1.9.3 Released (11 Nov 2021)

Bimonthly Stable INDI Library release introduces new drivers and fixes for existing ones. Some highlights:

Pelican ic5070 in SHO (5h 35min)

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At the moment I have no known bugs related to the operation of my obsy! Last mont I have been imaging nearly every clear night with hardly any setup overhead. Just point and shoot :)

I feel I'm re-learning some processing skills with PixInsight after a few seasons with little light collected on my part.

I guess it is still a little noisy if you enlarge it, but to me it looks good at the moment. A v2 is never impossible, but need some feedback on the current situe.

All subs are 300sec @Unity and -25c with the zwo asi 1600mm-c

At the moment calibrated with darks and bias, but will try to move on to darks, flats and dark flats, as I understand this is better for my CMOS camera.

Also available on observatory17b.com

and my album stargazerslounge.com/gallery/album/4302-observatory-17b/

Proud owner of Observatory 17b - A remote Linux observatory.
Website: Observatory 17b
Build thread @ SGL: Starting summers observatory project
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wow! very nice image!
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