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Yes the 224MC is my guide camera. I haven't changed the iterations for sure.
I am not pretty sure about the two axis, but I think I have it correct, cause also is unchecked the DEC on the main screen. But I'll certainly gonna check it.


This is the only setting I haven't changed :-(
I'll give it a try.


A few questions:
* Is the ASI224MC your guide camera?
* In the options tab to the lower left, have you tried setting the number of iterations to a higher value?
* In that same options popup, have you disabled "two axis"?


Nothing in the KStars log-file. Does the INDI server and/or Web manager keep a log-file somewhere?


I see your exposure is 3sec have you tried with let's say 2sec or even 1sec?



I’ve tried and failed...I always get this error back. In the meantime, if I switch to PHD2, it works ok. In fact in PHD2 I haven’t made any changes.

Any ideas?


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Stephane replied to the topic 'Home & Park position' in the forum. 45 minutes ago

As I am inquiring about a CEM25p mount, I've found the following picture in

Here you can see for this driver, there is Park and there is Home
I would love to have this option in EqMod please.


What's the load average for example on your indi server? Anything odd appearing in any log files?


I can't comment on the 403 error, but I can tell you that yes you can have multiple pythons installed along side each other. Not uncommon to see python2.7 and python3.x
In Ubuntu 20.x python2.7 has been dropped...


While I was at my observatory I've been testing the roof closure while the mount is unparked (ie: in a position that would end in a roof/scope crash) and I'm pleased to see that the latest fixes are all good.
I can now stop stressing about "is the scope parked, will the roof come down crashing on the scope/mount"...

Please do make sure this dome/scope policy fix is locked in place and not changed. Thanks for all the coding work team.


Ever since I did the upgrade on the INDI library, it takes forever to access the INDI web manager. Apparently it starts as normal, but when trying to access it via the browser on another computer, the web-page just takes something like a minute to come up. Any ideas what could be the problem here?
Could this be related to the other topic?
Running Linux Mint 18.3

Thanks, Willem Jan.


When I updated the INDI library, I got a message that Python 3.6 could not be installed, saying:
failed to fetch 403 Forbidden [IP: 80].

Is this a problem? And if yes, does anyone know a fix?

I tried to check my version of python, with 'python --version', which gave me 2.7.12
With 'python3 --version' it gave me 3.5.2
So a python 2 and 3 seem to be co-installed. Is that a problem?

Thanks for any insight.


Ok, so I came up with a quick and dirty fix. Very dirty.
I only share it for educational purposes or if someone like me is stuck...
I tested it successfully last night, but use it at your own risk ;-)

So basically what I did is write a small Bash script that is cron'd to run every 5min:

  1. It checks if the mount status is parked and not tracking, that could mean it is either truly parked or slewing to its parking position
  2. Then it waits to see if the mount status changes to parked and tracking
  3. If it is, it issues a park "command"
printlog() {
  timestamp=$(date +'[%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S]')
  echo "$timestamp $*"

printlog "Waiting 10s checking if mount parks"

indi_eval -t 10 -wo '"Losmandy Gemini.TELESCOPE_PARK.PARK"==1 && "Losmandy Gemini.TELESCOPE_TRACK_STATE.TRACK_ON"==0'

printlog "Mount is parking or parked: Waiting 60s checking if tracking restarts while parked"

if indi_eval -t 60 -wo '"Losmandy Gemini.TELESCOPE_PARK.PARK"==1 && "Losmandy Gemini.TELESCOPE_TRACK_STATE.TRACK_ON"==1'; then
  printlog "Tracking restarted while mount parked: Reparking"

  indi_setprop "Losmandy Gemini".TELESCOPE_PARK.PARK=On

printlog "Mount parked"

exit 0

PS: Especially for resource usage, I should be adding an if condition on first indi_eval, but haven't tested it yet...


Yeah the stars look pretty bad... I can see why SEP perhaps fails to detect them. I guess once StellarSolver is integrated and then you can select custom profile for SEP guider, you should stick to the "smart" algorithm.


No need to build anything, it's already available for StellarMate beta channel. Regarding the filter names, simply click the edit button next to the filter names to change them as illustrated below:


I have tried other algoritmes but with no effect.
My focusser goes from 0 (full inward) to 100000 (full outward).
When i go to 50000 thru Ekos where my infocus normally was and i try autofocus then i eventually end up around 10000.
Then when i look at my focusser then i see the focusser at around 40000!!! So i thing it must be something like slippage.
I wil look at it today and hopefully i can image tonight.