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Bart replied to the topic 'New KStars/Ekos Module: Analyze' in the forum. 48 minutes ago

Hello Hy,

I suppose these two print-screens tell the story pretty well:
First job (part of a mosaic!) opens up excellent:

Next job (H-alpha and O-III on the Bubble Nebula) can't be found apparently.

Thanks for your quick reply!


That's awesome. Can you share the exact procedure to do that?


Hi Marcel,
Since I wrote the instructions several weeks ago we have found that using warm start does not always work consistently so our work flow is to always do a cold start. So just ensure that you have a "park from" position set that reflects the set up position of the mount before you unpark (as Jasem says custom positions are not advised - I always use park 3 but have tested all positions 1-4 and they all work. Once you are up and running set your "park to" and write the data and save configs.
If you ever get a KStars crash I would always start from scratch, depower the mount and do a cold start as per the instructions. Often after a crash and a simple disconnect/reconnect the mount seems to lose it's position although this may not be apparent on the planetarium and this risks a pier collision. I suppose what I am saying is, until you are really clear and comfortable how the driver works in your set up, do not use it unattended, especially during meridian flips etc. This is still an experimental driver and the warnings are there for a reason. Having said that we have found it works well with the caveats above. Wildi did heaps of work on the driver several months ago and for users in the Southern Hemisphere these changes sorted out the parking behaviour that made the driver unusable for us in Australia. Many thanks to him for the work he did!

I could not find anything obvious in the log but at least the mount is being recognised and does connect OK. If it helps, I spent many weeks testing the driver indoors until I had established a consistent workflow. So don't give up.
If your updates do not help, just keep the information coming on the forum and someone using your controller should be able to assist. The more detail the better as everyone's set up is different.



I think that's exactly what happened - the mount lost its orientation.  I've been testing it all day with both versions.  I purged all mount data from within Ekos and it appears to be working correctly now.  Weird, but I'm happy it's working - and WITH my terrain!

Thanks for your help!



Thanks, great tip.

I had a Samsung T5 (500GB) spare so I decided to give it a try.
I did a few extra steps ensuring I had updated everything including the bootloader before I started.
After I had copied my SD card to the SSD the root partition was the size of the remaining disk. I used "GParted" to shrink the partition to 60GB to make it easier to copy. Then I created a new partition with the rest of the disk space and moved the Pictures folder to that partition.


Sorry, don't know what going on, but here's one more shot in the dark.

There are times when my mount loses its park position, seems to lose its orientation in general. Often this correlates to a KStars/Ekos crash, and perhaps some file gets corrupted.
To repair that, I find that following the instructions on this page fixes things:
Perhaps that's what happened to you. Perhaps when you re-installed 3.5.2, it somehow updated whatever file got corrupted?
If/when you retry 3.5.3, if you have the same issue, try the procedure on that link and see if it fixes things up.



Wayne Hall replied to the topic 'Re:Battling with focus' in the forum. 4 hours 7 minutes ago

I will try that, my focuser does have some nasty backlash so I was concerned the offsets wouldn't be reliable.


Hi folks, I notice Ekos has a listing for my Skyguider Pro as one of the available listed mounts in it's mounts database, but I'm at a loss as to how I would use this mount listing. Right now I'm controlling guiding with PHD2 via the ST4 connection on my ASI120MM camera, so I set the mount to Telescope Simulator. If I set the mount to SkyGuider Pro, Ekos cannot control the mount via ST4.

However, if I was to connect the optional iOptron Go2Nova 8408 Hand Controller to the SkyGuider Pro, and then connect the mount to the computer via Go2Nova/USB and appropriate cables, would Ekos then be able to control the SkyGuider Pro using the SkyGuider Pro mount listed in the Ekos mount database? I know it would only be able to control it along RA, but it's primarily a curiosity for me because I don't understand why you would otherwise list the SkyGuider Pro in the mount database. At best, it seems it would automate polar alignment, but more than anything else I'm curious why the SkyGuider Pro  is listed as an available mount.



Thanks Bart.

Re the new filter synonyms: great suggestions. I just put in a merge request to have those added, pending review by Jasem.

Re the bug you report:
As I understand, are you saying that when you double click on a capture in the timeline, and you do this for the 2nd scheduler job in an evening, the image doesn't display? I tried to reproduce with the simulator but it worked ok for me.  Can you please single click on one of the captures in the timeline that doesn't display, and look at the filename shown in the "Details" table, and make sure that file exists on disk? Is there something odd about the filename? Can you reproduce with the simulator? Any clues would be helpful. FWIW, someone did make modifications to the file naming in Ekos recently, so I suppose this could have caused issues here.



Eric replied to the topic 'Re:Battling with focus' in the forum. 5 hours 12 minutes ago

That's great. Also consider focusing with the fastest filter you have, and using filter offsets.



Wayne Hall replied to the topic 'Battling with focus' in the forum. 5 hours 30 minutes ago

Thanks for the help guys. Its been working reliably so far. I found that adding the median filter, 5s exposures for the narrowband filters, and changing the step size down and max steps out have helped a ton. WIll keep trying it out to see if its really 100% reliable. 


Few minutes ago i powered up my new CEM70 mount. I used the pad to go to the Zero position and setted it as PARKING position.
I would do the same thing in INDI to park the scope in a position like the Polaris instead then in horizontal. Any tips to gain this result?



I'm back on this and I'm going to try and build an Arduino Nano version of that controller you link to, Thomas. 

Three questions: 
The Git-page says that homing on switches is to be developed. So how does it work then, it does not start by identifying the sensors? Just assuming the mount is in CWD position (like a Losmandy Gemini does)? Or how?

What driver do you use here - not the Celestron Aux but the Celestron Nextstar?

In the schematics, there is  a diod. Does the specs for that diod matter?



Hi Peter,

PFA the log file for the whole night of June 16-17


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I like AB too, but I can’t for the life of me get a working copy of KStars 3.5.3 to install on it. I’m not a programmer and tried for a week to do it. I gave up. I need 3.5.3 because it corrected a critical bug with the Nexdome driver, and AB is stuck at 3.5.2.