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I have gotten zero response from PrimeLuceLabs about sending the new command structure. I have several esattos and I would like to make the Driver compatible with the new and old firmware.

Have you tried to downgrade the firmware? I have not tried that yet, and I don't even know if it's possible to do so.


Anjo replied to the topic 'INDI LibCamera Driver' in the forum. 5 hours 22 minutes ago

After commenting out the cameraManager->reset(), mine fails with the option parsing in StillOptions Option::Parse(). Where does this live anyway? The Option class just has this as virtual?

//if (Options::Parse(argc, argv) == false)
// return false;

Commenting this goes a bit further, but unsurprisingly croaks with:

ERROR 21.847219 sec : Error opening camera: bad thumbnail parameters


Steve Cohen replied to the topic 'Ekos previews' in the forum. 5 hours 42 minutes ago

Thanks agiain, Juergen.

What do you mean by tracking? If the scope is aligned you can make it go to any visible target the software knows about, and it will stay on that target as it moves. Is that what you mean by tracking?

As for focusing on the donuts, these particular donuts were appearing at irregular intervals on the screen, for maybe five or six previews, moving across the screen each time, which made me think they were airplanes. I could never see any donuts that stayed fixed in location on the screen.

Also, do you know why my mountain picture was flipped upside down? And whether the focus quality of that picture would have been sufficient for alignment?



Are you building the software?

If so, ensure you build indi before kstars.



Thank you Jerry, it is very close that I could hope.


I believe 3.6.2 is coming out of beta very shortly. I'm runing the beta version of 3.6.2.


Hi to all,
I updates to the latest Indi Library version (1.9.7) my Raspberry PI 3.
I also uopdated my Linux desktop (Kubuntu 20.04.5 LTS) to the lates updates available.
I'm using Kstars on Linux Desktop in order to connet to Raspberry Pi3 remotly.
Now the Kstars version is 3.6.2 Beta.

I'm able to start correctly indiserver on Rasperry PI, no errors, is all ok as usual.
I'm able to load my profile from Ekos (on my Linux Desktop) and from Indi Control Panel I can see all my devices up and running, but form Ekos they are all greyed out.. and I'm not more able to use it....

In attach a screenshot of ccd tab all greyed out.



I see, it seems I have
INDI Library: 1.9.8
Code 1.9.8-tgz. Protocol 1.7.

How do I obtain 1.9.9?


When I try using
indiserver -h
INDI Library: 1.9.9
Code v1.9.8-52-g2782431aa. Protocol 1.7.

~$ indiserver indi_lx200_OpenAstroTech
2022-11-26T20:42:33: startup: indiserver indi_lx200_OpenAstroTech
2022-11-26T20:42:33: Driver indi_lx200_OpenAstroTech: initializing for OpenAstroTech mount...
2022-11-26T20:42:33: Driver indi_lx200_OpenAstroTech: Initializing from Generic LX200 device...

So with the library 1.9.9, it seems to startup for me. I don't actually have the device to test it out.



Is Binary Factory for KDE no longer a source for OSX Kstars?


Hi, I'm pretty sure this is not as concise as you were hoping for, but this link details every commit. Each commit provides some detail on what was being fixed. When the new version is released, a summary of each commit typically accompanies the announcement.


New to INDI and Astrophotography in general.
Here it says the driver for OpenAstroTracker is: indi_lx200_OpenAstroTech, but when I try and start indi like I see in examples, "indiserver -vv indi_lx200_OpenAstroTech" I get this error: Driver indi_lx200_OpenAstroTech: execlp : No such file or directory

Any ideas how to fix this?


Thanks Wolfgang,

It's good to know it's fixed in later versions.
I'd tried to build from git, but it looks like SuSE 15.4 doesn't have the development RPMs for KDE Frameworks 5 so it may take a bit more effort on my part to get it built, but I'll give it a go



Hello Wolfgang,

The issue with my request is to enable the use of AUX2 in addition to AUX1, so AUX1 can control the azimuth stepper motor, and AUX2 can control the elevation (altitude) stepper motor for the Polar Alignment procedure.

AUX1 is currently available with the driver but AUX2 is not. I do not think that the focus functionality is required for the motorized PA procedure as we only need to activate the stepper motors forward or backward to correct for the PA error.

Let me know if you need more info and thanks for inquiring.



Unfortunately i recently did the firmware update and now have the same error. Is there already a solution to this problem?


Thanks, but I am not a developer, just a user of Kstars. From the V3.6, several compilations until today and the V3.6.2 bĂȘta.
I would just want to know the reasons of a new compilation. I repeat I don't compile myself Kstars.


I able to attach the pinion by tapping a new set screw hole. So my mount is reassembled and seems no worse for wear. I took the opportunity to clean and relube both the RA and DEC drives. The gears all look in fine shape, no excessive wear. No new mount just yet!


The set screw on the pinion gear for the AZ/RA drive no longer fits the hole and the epoxy holding the gear in fractured allowing the pinion to slip. One two many stalls of the motor I guess. Celestron does not appear to sell these gears separately. The pinion for the ALT/DEC drive seems to be identical and the motor assembly with the gear is available. Note sure I want to pay $159 for a gear that may not come off without damage. Any ideas on sourcing of the pinion? Or are the astronomy gods telling me to buy a new mount?