I haven't tried to install it yet (haven't pulled the trigger) so I don't know if the installer allows you to manage your partitions and install target. That would be the major hurdle for dual booting and you could deal with grub yourself if you had to after that.


Did you have any luck with this? I also have kstars / ekos running on an existing astro mini pc. I want to do EAA / live stacking so I'm looking into Stellarmate X OS for mini PC.

It would be nice to be able to update my sources.list and install Stellarmate that way.


This is really great, thanks!

Do you suspect there are still inefficiencies or a bug in indi related to this? This is fantastic but do you feel it's a workaround for an actual problem or no?


What tools are you using to snoop that?


Hey all, I finally read through the whole thread. I got here from a google search and am having the same prob with my Sky-Watcher Virtuoso GTi 150p using this driver, wired with a usb to st4 cable. Firmware 3.40.

I'm trying to decide if it's worth spending significant energy on fixing this. I guess I have a few questions.

Has anyone made any progress in the last month?

Should I try to tcpdump / wireshark the traffic from Synscan Pro? Has anyone provided that yet?

Does the indi synscan driver work with these mounts? I realise it doesn't quite have the same features but I wonder if the tracking works.

Some people say versions of 1.9.x work. Should we find what version if first broke in and use the diff for clues?

I'm a software dev running kstars / ekos on linux and don't have many options when it comes to mount control.

Thanks for all your efforts!