Right now i'm imaging and am seeing live what happens:

- sub 1 to 3 work fine
- sub 4 isn't loaded in the FITS viewer. If you try to open it the FITS viewer give some sort of error that this operation isn't allowed
- sub 5 is written as sub 4 causing the original sub 4 to be deleted
- sub 6 (Ekos believes it's sub 5) is written to disk but the FITS viewer stopped working.
- sub 7 is written as sub 5 causing the original sub 6 to be deleted, which actually would be the original sub 5 :)

When you stop the job, everything acts up and you can't create a new image directory without getting error messages in Ekos. Shutting down Kstars is the only remedy until you do an imaging job and get to sub 4. Then it starts all over again.

This happens every time and it's a lot of time wasted as you can see. No clue to what makes my setup act differently because I use Kubuntu 15.10 and nothing special. Hopefully you guys do. For now I'm limited to 3 sub imaging jobs.