Hi Gregory,

The code works except for one small issue that I noticed while scanning the log files in more detail:
the old Pulsar apparently doesn't support the setting of the user rate. The driver tries to read
the response (which never comes) after which a resynchronisation is done. This doesn't
prevent the driver from working in other respects.

I have attached a version of the driver code in which the mutex is controlled by std::unique_lock.
This is safer since it will always release the mutex automatically when the scope is closed:
on a normal exit, an early exit, and even when a C++ exception is thrown.

I also renamed functions that I think should become private with
a leading and trailing underscore. The resynchronize function needs some more work.
And the mutex should remain lock when the reading is completed fully instead of unlocking/relocking
it between the call to sendReceive() and subsequent reading of the planetary data.