Quick update on this. I got the cahnce to go out last night and was able to test this.

On the first try I was 6° out (!!) and had a hard time getting closer and closer just using my screen but I wanted badly to avoid using the polar scope and see if I could manage using only the PA routine. After a couple of tries, getting closer each time, lo and behold, the crosshair was in the field of view. I was able to refine the PA and stopped doing the PA routine when I reached 55'' ... not sure if I should have tried getting closer to 0'' I hear that it can be good to not be perfectly aligned when doing astrophotography.

I realized that it is much easier when you are close to the NCP and can see the other side of the vector ;)

In summary, being close to the NCP helps a lot. It is challenging when you are in the field on a portable setup to be closely aligned on the first try so I guess I will still use the polarscope just to put polaris in the FOV and then do the routine to achieve perfect PA.