This is my output from Allignment card in Ekos. Any ideas how to solve this?
No, it doesn't realign telescope nor output these coordinates to "solution coordinates".

2016-07-23T02:27:26 Solver failed. Try again.
2016-07-23T02:27:26 Field center: (RA,Dec) = (311.232740, 15.586014) deg.
Field center: (RA H:M:S, Dec D:M:S) = (20:44:55.858, +15:35:09.651).
Field size: 14.9434 x 10.7082 arcminutes
Field rotation angle: up is 15.7707 degrees E of N
Creating new FITS file "/tmp/"...
2016-07-23T02:27:26 Field: /tmp/fitswX5215
2016-07-23T02:27:26 Field 1: solved with index index-4203-12.fits.
Field 1 solved: writing to file /tmp/fitswX5215.solved to indicate this.
2016-07-23T02:27:24 log-odds ratio 165.198 (5.55094e+71), 35 match, 0 conflict, 20 distractors, 48 index.
RA,Dec = (311.235,15.5846), pixel scale 1.0991 arcsec/pix.
Hit/miss: Hit/miss: -+++++-+-+++++++++-++++-++-++-++-++--+-++-+--++-+

2016-07-23T02:27:23 Field 1 did not solve (index index-4204-12.fits, field objects 11-20).