Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

I did bit more research and due to the level shift requirements there is not much to gain from using the GPIO pins over a FTDI USB to Serial.

So using that now, made my own RJ45 cable and seems to be working, just need to tune the autoguiding settings as that doesnt seem to want to guide out of the box!



Been reading lots on the forum, but prompted an idea....

I have just set up (and got working) Raspberry Pi Indi Service with VM Kstars/Ekos machine on Windows 10 Host.

One thing I been reading is the Mount connection USB-> RS232 -> Handcontroller -> Mount has some issues and lag and better to skip the handcontroller and go direct with a USB-tty ->Mount.

Now, here lies my question.. I've had an idea, but being a noob not sure if its a stupid one (as sure someone would of done this already, and can't see anything online)

Would it be possible to use the Raspberry Pi GPIO Serial port to connect directly to a RJ45 cable (i.e. skipping the need for USB-TTY FTDI chip)

So GPIO -> Mount would be the connection.

Could you simply tell the EQMOD to use the port, or would it need different driver etc. (now you know why im asking the question) its the software bit I dont have the skills for..

Feedback on my idea welcome, happy if someone can tell me can't be done. Will save me experimenting and endless googling.