Hi, I'm having problems using the plate solver. The same issue happens regardless of whether I use the internal or my own (homebrew installed) astrometry.net installation. Here is the error I get:

2017-09-23T20:08:43 Solver failed. Try again.
2017-09-23T20:08:42 Removing lines of (spurious) sources from xylist "/tmp/tmp.xyls.q7W5SO", writing to "/tmp/tmp.removelines.Fc9kAV"
Running: /Applications/kstars.app/Contents/MacOS/astrometry/bin/removelines -e 1 /tmp/tmp.xyls.q7W5SO /tmp/tmp.removelines.Fc9kAV
2017-09-23T20:08:42 Peak 12 subpeak 0 at (254,154): searching for centroid in 3x3 box failed; trying 5x5 box...
3x3 box:
Peak 29 subpeak 0 at (173,291): searching for centroid in 3x3 box failed; trying 5x5 box...
3x3 box:
Failed to find (5x5) centroid of peak 29, subpeak 0 at (173,291)
5x5 box:
Stepsize 0.1, step 0
x,y = (3,3), V=6.17114, Gx=-0.380388, Gy=0.194914
Stepsize 0.01, step 0
x,y = (3,3), V=6.17114, Gx=-0.380388, Gy=0.194914
Stepsize 0.001, step 0
x,y = (3,3), V=6.17114, Gx=-0.380388, Gy=0.194914
max_gaussian: 3,3
Peak 31 subpeak 0 at (397,304): searching for centroid in 3x3 box failed; trying 5x5 box...
3x3 box:
simplexy: found 52 sources.
2017-09-23T20:08:42 Nsigma=0.7, s=0.428715
simplexy: found sigma=0.428715.
simplexy: finding objects...
simplexy: found 52 blobs
simplexy: finding peaks...
2017-09-23T20:08:42 simplexy: measuring image noise (sigma)...
Sampling sigma at 832 points
2017-09-23T20:08:42 simplexy: nx=640, ny=512
simplexy: dpsf=1.000000, plim=8.000000, dlim=1.000000, saddle=5.000000
simplexy: maxper=1000, maxnpeaks=10000, maxsize=2000, halfbox=100
simplexy: median smoothing...
2017-09-23T20:08:42 Downsampling by 2...
2017-09-23T20:08:42 Running image2xy: input=/var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/fitsU81278, output=/tmp/tmp.xyls.q7W5SO, ext=0
Got naxis=2, na1=1280, na2=1024
2017-09-23T20:08:42 Extracting sources...
2017-09-23T20:08:42 fits
Running: pnmfile /tmp/tmp.ppm.Z3JQlA
2017-09-23T20:08:41 Base: "/var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/fitsU81278", basefile "fitsU81278", basedir "/var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T", suffix "(null)"
Checking if file "/var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/fitsU81278" ext 0 is xylist or image: image
  (not xyls because: FITS file does not have any extensions)
Running: /Applications/kstars.app/Contents/MacOS/astrometry/bin/image2pnm --infile /var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/fitsU81278 --uncompressed-outfile /tmp/tmp.uncompressed.gsyAAH --outfile /tmp/tmp.ppm.Z3JQlA --ppm --mydir /Applications/kstars.app/Contents/MacOS/astrometry/bin/solve-field
2017-09-23T20:08:41 Reading input file 1 of 1: "/var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/fitsU81278"...
2017-09-23T20:08:41 /Applications/kstars.app/Contents/MacOS/astrometry/bin/solve-field -O --no-plots --no-verify --resort --downsample 2 -L 20.339 -H 25.424 -u aw -3 194.4 -4 22.9311 -5 30 --verbose --verbose --config /Applications/kstars.app/Contents/MacOS/astrometry/bin/astrometry.cfg -W /var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/solution.wcs /var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/fitsU81278
2017-09-23T20:08:41 Starting solver...
2017-09-23T20:08:41 Image received.
2017-09-23T20:08:39 Capturing image...

The file /tmp/tmp.removelines.Fc9kAV is empty.

The file /tmp/tmp.xyls.q7W5SO is a FITS file with the following header:
SIMPLE  =                    T / file does conform to FITS standard             BITPIX  =                    8 / number of bits per data pixel                  NAXIS   =                    0 / number of data axes                            EXTEND  =                    T / FITS dataset may contain extensions            COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is defined in 'AstronomyCOMMENT   and Astrophysics', volume 376, page 359; bibcode: 2001A&A...376..359H SRCFN   = '/var/folders/zx/skmp1g7s43xdtwkgzq30gq400000gn/T/fitsU81278' / SourceSRCEXT  =                    1 / Source image extension (1=primary)             COMMENT Parameters used for source extraction                                   HISTORY Created by Astrometry.net's image2xy program.                           HISTORY GIT URL: https://github.com/dstndstn/astrometry.net                     HISTORY GIT Rev: 0.72                                                           HISTORY GIT Date: Mon_Jul_10_14:37:28_2017_-0400                                HISTORY Visit us on the web at http://astrometry.net/                           NEXTEND =                    1 / Number of extensions                           END                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             XTENSION= 'BINTABLE'           / binary table extension                         BITPIX  =                    8 / 8-bit bytes                                    NAXIS   =                    2 / 2-dimensional binary table                     NAXIS1  =                   16 / width of table in bytes                        NAXIS2  =                   52 / number of rows in table                        PCOUNT  =                    0 / size of special data area                      GCOUNT  =                    1 / one data group (required keyword)              TFIELDS =                    4 / number of fields in each row                   TTYPE1  = 'X       '           / X coordinate                                   TFORM1  = 'E       '           / data format of field: 4-byte REAL              TUNIT1  = 'pix     '           / physical unit of field                         TTYPE2  = 'Y       '           / Y coordinate                                   TFORM2  = 'E       '           / data format of field: 4-byte REAL              TUNIT2  = 'pix     '           / physical unit of field                         TTYPE3  = 'FLUX    '           / Flux of source                                 TFORM3  = 'E       '           / data format of field: 4-byte REAL              TUNIT3  = 'unknown '           / physical unit of field                         TTYPE4  = 'BACKGROUND'         / Sky background of source                       TFORM4  = 'E       '           / data format of field: 4-byte REAL              TUNIT4  = 'unknown '           / physical unit of field                         EXTNAME = 'SOURCES '           / name of this binary table extension            SRCEXT  =                    1 / Extension number in src image                  IMAGEW  =                 1280 / Input image width                              IMAGEH  =                 1024 / Input image height                             ESTSIGMA=            0.4287148 / Estimated source image variance                DPSF    =                   1. / image2xy Assumed gaussian psf width            PLIM    =                   8. / image2xy Significance to keep                  DLIM    =                   1. / image2xy Closest two peaks can be              SADDLE  =                   5. / image2xy Saddle difference (in sig)            MAXPER  =                 1000 / image2xy Max num of peaks per object           MAXPEAKS=                10000 / image2xy Max num of peaks total                MAXSIZE =                 2000 / image2xy Max size for extended objects         HALFBOX =                  100 / image2xy Half-size for sliding sky window      COMMENT The X and Y points are specified assuming 1,1 is the center of the leftmCOMMENT ost bottom pixel of the image in accordance with the FITS standard.     END                                                                            

astrometry.net options
-O --no-plots --no-verify --resort --downsample 2 -L 20.339 -H 25.424 -u aw -3 194.4 -4 22.9311 -5 30 --verbose --verbose

# This is a config file for the Astrometry.net 'astrometry-engine'
# program - it contains information about where indices are stored,
# and "site policy" items.

# Check the indices in parallel?
# -if the indices you are using take less than 2 GB of space, and you have at least
#  as much physical memory as indices, then you want this enabled.
# -if you are using a 64-bit machine and you have enough physical memory to contain
#  the indices you are using, then you want this enabled.
# -otherwise, leave it commented-out.


# If no scale estimate is given, use these limits on field width.
# minwidth 0.1
# maxwidth 180

# If no depths are given, use these:
#depths 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

# Maximum CPU time to spend on a field, in seconds:
# default is 600 (ten minutes), which is probably way overkill.
cpulimit 300

# In which directories should we search for indices?
add_path /Users/jonny/Library/Application Support/Astrometry
add_path /usr/local/Cellar/astrometry-net/0.72/data/

# Load any indices found in the directories listed above.

## Or... explicitly list the indices to load.
#index index-219
#index index-218
#index index-217
#index index-216
#index index-215
#index index-214
#index index-213
#index index-212
#index index-211
#index index-210
#index index-209
#index index-208
#index index-207
#index index-206
#index index-205
#index index-204-00
#index index-204-01
#index index-204-02
#index index-204-03
#index index-204-04
#index index-204-05
#index index-204-06
#index index-204-07
#index index-204-08
#index index-204-09
#index index-204-10
#index index-204-11
#index index-203-00
#index index-203-01
#index index-203-02
#index index-203-03
#index index-203-04
#index index-203-05
#index index-203-06
#index index-203-07
#index index-203-08
#index index-203-09
#index index-203-10
#index index-203-11
#index index-202-00
#index index-202-01
#index index-202-02
#index index-202-03
#index index-202-04
#index index-202-05
#index index-202-06
#index index-202-07
#index index-202-08
#index index-202-09
#index index-202-10
#index index-202-11
#index index-201-00
#index index-201-01
#index index-201-02
#index index-201-03
#index index-201-04
#index index-201-05
#index index-201-06
#index index-201-07
#index index-201-08
#index index-201-09
#index index-201-10
#index index-201-11
#index index-200-00
#index index-200-01
#index index-200-02
#index index-200-03
#index index-200-04
#index index-200-05
#index index-200-06
#index index-200-07
#index index-200-08
#index index-200-09
#index index-200-10
#index index-200-11

It seems that the removal of "spurious sources" results in an empty file?
I hope this information helps.. Any help would be most appreciated!