Peter Kennett replied to the topic 'INDIHUB.SPACE' in the forum. 2 months ago

Ok, using a different port worked, but when I tried to connect with a different computer I got :

2021-09-30T19:31:46 Failed to connect to remote INDI server.
2021-09-30T19:31:46 Connecting to remote INDI server at INDI-Server: on port 8,787 …

For some reason it can't see the URL for the remote INDI server.

The remote INDI server shows:


I think I need full BASIC instructions to include what to do on the remote version of KStars (on my Stellarmate) and then what to do on the local PC. I followed the screen shots, but I am not able to connect. The INDI server is running though.  Must be some simple step I am missing.