Lead_weight wrote: Wow, OK, I had no idea you could do this. I've been using Ekos for probably two years and never pressed that button. Haha. Probably my previous mounts didn't support it.

Ok, so if you can make a mount model from within EKOS, what settings do you want for your mount. I had a few folks on Cloudy Nights insist that the Mount always update Ekos. Should it be the reverse for this? Or does that not matter when sync'ing alignment points? What do your mount settings look like in the mount driver? Are you using the default settings?

Very sorry I never replied to this. I gave up on ekos when it didn't seem the bug was going to be fixed soon enough. However this thread got a few responses and it showed up in my spam folder so I am back here to see what is new.

You want the mount to update ekos IF you are running a gps at your mount as it will have accurate position and time updates. Your computer will not be as accurate.

However if you run some sort of app on your computer that updates very frequently with the latest atomic clock settings then I suppose you can have ekos update the mount instead. Example: www.groovypost.com/howto/synchronize-clo...nternet-atomic-time/