Jeff Wilson replied to the topic 'Astroberry + QHYCCD users' in the forum. 3 years ago

I don't know what cameras you are using, but I cannot recall ever having a connection issue with my QHY5L-II-M and Ekos. The 163M took longer, but as I alluded to, the QHY drivers took a long time to mature across all platforms. I do seem to recall someone having an issue with other combinations of QHY cameras. Yeah, I have mostly stuck with Indi/Ekos to have a compact solution while travelling with my gear, and I use an iPad Mini to do most of the control.
A few people have attributed connection issues to underpowered PSUs, so you might see if you can give it some more juice. There was a recommendation for a while to put the cameras through a dedicated, powered USB hub. While using my Rock64 SBC, I used to do that (Sabrent USB 3 , 7 port hub).
If you want to troubleshoot it, there are people here to assist. The output of "lsusb" and "dmesg" is often useful to know if the computer is even recognizing the devices.