I'm using the Astro-Physics GTO CP2 INDI driver to interface PHD2 to my Mach1 while I use TheSkyX for mount (and its native Astro-Physics driver) and imaging camera control. TheSkyX is connected to one of the mounts serial ports and PHD2 to the other. I'm writing a Python script that sequences the imaging and allows for dithering with PHD2 (TheSkyX doesn't allow for dithering with PHD2). All of this on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian Buster.

Generally it's all working although I'm having intermittent issues with the INDI mount driver erroneously initializing the mount location latitude and longitude to 0 and 0. I'm also not sure how the driver configuration is loaded. I've set up and saved a configuration but it seems I always have to manually load my saved configuration after the driver connects to the mount. How do I automatically load my saved configuration?