Simon replied to the topic 'Atik EFW2' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hi Vin,

I am using the EFW2 with KStars/Ekos on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Astroberry Server 2.0.3. The EFW2 is USB connected via a Pegasus Ultimate Power Box (UPB) v2. The 12V power for the EFW2 also comes from the UPB. The filter wheel has run flawlessly from the first connection through different versions of KStars (staring from 3.4.3). 

I did have some problem with the filter wheel included in the Atik 6.0 and older Atik INDI driver versions. In that case the wheel was spinning and never stopped. That problem could temporarily be solved by purging the config file. Later versions of the Atik INDI driver did somehow solve the issue.

I never had a connection problem with the Atik filter wheels. 

I don't know, if that was any help to you. Maybe you could check, if any other device is blocking the USB connection the EFW2 is trying to establish. I think I had that problem with some INDI device before.

Good luck with connecting that EFW2. smile.png


P.S.: A pic of the setup is in the attachments.