Been using KStar/Ekos on a Mac for 2yrs.   Never any issue with Celestron Focus Motor(FM), until recently.  Now it occasionally just freezes during normal focusing (not calibration). KStar doesn't crash, just FM is frozen.  I need to reboot Stellarmate to get it back.   And occasionally, after system reboot,  FM is not even recognized by Ekos (ie, INDI Control panel doesn't show attached focuser device).  I may need to rerun Ekos 2 or 3 times, , (or maybe reboot SM, I don't recall exactly) and then it will show.       

I recently installed latest KStar and burned latest SM op system, and this did not solve the issue.   Issue still there.   
Also, in should be noted KStar crashes at least twice a night for me, typically, during other operations too.   So some other issues present too,  but FocusMotor is new unique issue(doesn't cause crash, just freezes).  
I'm desperate to resolve these issues.

Any comments or advice welcome?
(I will turn on verbose logging, and see what I get. )