Glen created a new topic ' Looping with Mosaics' in the forum. 2 years ago

     Mosaic feature in Ekos is great, but I don't understand how to set up looping, in the Scheduler.  For example, say I have a 2x1 panel mosaic, with each panel set to take 10 subs.   Say I want this to cycle thru say 3 times.  If I set 'Job Completion Condition' to repeat for '3 runs',  it will take 10x3=30 subs of panel#1, then move and dooes panel#2 10x3=30 subs., and ends.  But what I want is [panel#1 10subs, then panel#2 10subs], then repeat [ ] a 2nd time, and repeat [ ] a final third time.     
      How to achieve this?   Or  similarly, how to have it looping forever, until some time.
Without mosaics, I have done looping thru different filter wheel positions, no problem, in the past.  But Mosaic set up perhaps needs to be don't differently.  ?