If anyone had the same problem:
As expected this command set the mount into a waiting state for the upload of a firmware.
I spent a month searching this firmware and Skywatcher itself couldn't help me.

Fortunately, after dozens of emails to dozens of telescope distributors, someone could give it to me.

If anyone needs send me a message

Also the upload does work without the hand controller.

A bit disappointed that Skywatcher doesn't put it on its website.


Hello everyone,
I'm on a professional project involving sending serial commands with MATLAB to my Skywatcher Virtuoso (also known as the Orion starblast autotracker). I followed the skywatcher commands set according to the PDF attached. Unfortunately, I ran the bootloader mode with the command (':Q155AA') and now the telescope won't move an inch.
Anyone already had this problem ?
Thank you very much.