So have you saved to your pi the "working" nightly?


wvreeven wrote: When you install kstars-bleeding and indi-full on your pi4, you should get all drivers. Did you do that?

Is this" sudo apt-install kstars-bleeding "?


So, I usually burn kstars image from stellarmate website.
I guess I need to find out how to download YOUR working build onto my pi? As I've ran beta version (nightly) of kstars with no joy.
When online on my pi can I download your build (if you have a link?)


Sonny, thanks so much for the link share.
This was full kstars version with your working nightly build? As when i downloaded to windows it seemed to be the whole kstars application,right?
Ive installed to computer to try! Thanks!

Still, is there a way i can get this working version onto my pi4 kstars?
Images seem to download much quicker when i run kstars on the pi itself....



Hi, I'm using kstars operating system and ekos on a pi4.
Using the beta release of this is supposed to run nightly I guess but error came up saying no qhy_ccd indi driver found.

How would I upload your nightly version to my pi? (in terminal window?)

Thanks again


That's what I find regarding temp. Even though the cooler isn't on at startup.

I've set my image dimensions the same but can't get the images to download.

My kstars has a different SDK to you for some reason and its a new version?


Hi there,
Thanks for your report on the qhy268c on kstars.
Id be interested to know what work around did you do.
I'm struggling to get correct temp reading. Ccd tab and indi panel show 0.7 even at 17/18degrees room temp?

Also I am unable to to turn on cooling with the "tick" in ccd tab sometimes.
Also struggle to take test shots. (darks) ekos gets stuck on 0 seconds left while indi panel reports exposure complete downloading image. And unsuccessfully showing me image in fits viewer as I believe it hasn't successfully downloaded.

What version of qhy driver are you using?
My indi control tab sais mine is 2.7 with interface 22 SDK 20.7.26 if that makes any sence.

I'm really looking forward to working with this camera but frustrating times with it a bit at the minute so any help or recommendation would be great fully received



I use asi 1600mm c Pro and have been using gain zero (bortle 4 skies) and can run 2, 3 or 4 min exposure on lrgb for good dynamic range but with my Ha I find I need to turn up gain to 75 offset 15(as a guess) to get good mean readouts without having to have a ten minute long exposure.. Mainly as a plane will ruin some of them! ✈️


Used the stellarmate app version for a change and couldn't set filter wheel filters so did via vnc window instead...
Also can you stretch the images...
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Hi I'm using k stars via stellarmate which connects my eq6r Pro, sx lodestar, zwo1600mm Pro c, sx filter wheel really well 99%! but I added... Show more