jerzy kaltenberg created a new topic ' synscan alt-az to eq conversion in driver?' in the forum. 9 months ago

for folks like yours truly, who can afford the cheap & dirty alt-az mounts but want to drive them like an eq ( with a wedge, for instance).
1) where can i find the protocol spec SynScan handset uses for driving the mount?
2) I've read on forums that handset interrogates drive firmware to see if it is capable of functioning in eq mode, can this be faked? will it hurt anything?
3) how does 'proper' eq mode differ from setting location to lat 90 and using a wedge?


jerzy kaltenberg created a new topic ' SynScan for SkyWatcher 130' in the forum. 10 months ago

I have a SynScan alt-az type mount for SkyWatcher 130. Hand controller V 3.09 It functions when using local ( serial over ttyUSB ) adapter when driven from Kstars, but I'd rather just run the proper INDI driver on my Raspi3, and connect to it over the network . I just don't know how.

1) I'm not sure which indi driver to use when invoking indiserver from CLI ( Raspi 3, Ubuntu Mate ), nor how to pass the required parameters to it .
2) is a bit sparse. Must the arguments be passed over FIFO? How to specify locally connected scope via serial /dev/ttyUSB ? uart speed? Where to find a list of parameters supporrted by specific driver?
3) Going over ( the complete tutorial) I see the author invokes the modules without any arguments at all. Are they stored in a persistent config file?

i'd appreciate someone pointing me to where i can find this information.